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A hapless soviet scientist makes an amazing discovery in his lab: The ray of life. It magically causes organisms to grow to incredible sizes. Meanwhile, Bulgakov is finding it impossible to complete his masterpiece novel. A kaleidoscopic narrative blends fact and fiction as both creators struggle with their masterpiece. The government takes back control and pushes it to the brink of disaster.

The Fatal Eggs is an exciting and amusing story for our time. A provocative satire that pokes fun  at the incompetence of governments, our fear mongering media institutes, and a complacent, ignorant populace. Once again we explore our stories using imaginative choreography, gorgeous multimedia and a vast array of colourful characters.


Barons Court Theatre

9th-27th April 2019

Warning: This production contains strobe lighting

*Tickets £14/£12 


0208 932 4747


Bulgakov- Alex Chard
Persikov-Lucie Regan

Narrator-Ben Howarth

Narrator-Fiona Kelly

Adapted and directed by Douglas Baker

Movement Director- Matthew Coulton
Producer- Charles Golding

Sound Design- Richard Kerry
Animations- Douglas Baker

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